Charities That We Have Supported

April Meeting Selection: Resounding Joy 

1) Resounding Joy enhances the human experience with therapeutic applications of music. We uplift individuals and families with challenging conditions, help them achieve their goals, and support health and wellness throughout the community. We have three main programs that support people through individual, group, and community-based music therapy sessions conducted by board-certified music therapists. Healing Notes serves medically and emotionally resilient children and their families. Semper Sound serves active-duty military veterans and their families. Community Connections serves first responders and their families through the Music Resiliency Program and serves isolated older adults with dementia through the Joyful Jingle Program.

February 2022 Meeting Selection:  Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County

The Good Samaritan Network was formally organized in March 1995, evolving from a group of programs and services early 1980. Good Samaritan Network (GSN) is the umbrella organization that coordinates and develops opportunities and various events for our clients with consistent programming and services that can assist and empower families in building better lives. Good Samaritan Network only serves those who live, work, or attend school in Hamilton County, Indiana.    Our 100 WWC donation will provide direct support for temporary shelter to at-risk individuals and families without permanent housing.

November 2021 Meeting Selection:  The Cooper House

The Cooper House is a place, a space, a home where the lives of all who are involved in foster care are welcomed, loved, seen, heard, and chosen. Here is whom we help: parents whose children are in foster care through support groups, bible studies, and mentorship; families in crisis by providing a safe, welcoming environment for supervised visitations;  children that are removed from their homes by providing a safe place to be cared for while the caseworker is securing a placement.

September 2021 Meeting Selection: Ascent 121

Ascent121 offers long-term trauma recovery for teen survivors of trafficking.  Ascent 121 provides clinical recovery services for over a hundred central Indiana teens each year. We host awareness and professional development training for thousands of people in the community. Our work falls into several categories: Survivor Services, Advocacy and Awareness, Discipleship, and Prayer Journey    Go to to learn more about this impactful program and how you can get involved.

June 2021 Meeting Selection: Girls on the Run of Central Indiana

Girls on the Run  (GOTR) works with younger girls through a 10-week after-school program, building confidence and self-esteem for Grades 3-8, with a 5k run as the finale. Did you know Indiana is ranked the 12th most obese state? Girls on the Run began in 2010 in Hamilton County and grew to 2,700 girls in 2019 before the pandemic. They have lost over $100,000 in funding during the pandemic. They offer a scholarship program for 1/2 of the girls involved in qualifying. Go to for this impactful program and how you can get involved.

February 2021 Meeting Selection: Shepherd's Center of Hamilton County

Shepherd's Center of Hamilton County has been working hard to keep the adults aged 55+ in their homes as they are lower-income seniors and financially fragile. Donations would be used for their home repair program. Did you know 76% of aging people prefer to remain in their homes? This can be a challenge with the cost of living in #hamiltoncounty. Sixty-two people are now on the waiting list for this home repair program. Labor is donated, but the donation is needed for the supplies to repair homes. Go to for info and ways to get involved.

November 2020 Meeting Selection:  O'Connor House of Carmel

The O’Connor House's mission is to provide a Christian home to help single, pregnant, homeless women improve life for themselves and their children.    The O’Connor House serves pregnant unwed women over the age of 18 who are in a crisis pregnancy and need assistance to create a better life for themselves and their children. We also provide shelter and aid to the existing children of these women. One of our goals is to keep families together. Through our research, we have found that the fastest-growing homeless population in our country is single women and their children. Most homeless shelters today are overflowing with single women and their young children. Our hope and prayer at The O’Connor House are that we stand ready to assist women in need.  Over 350 women, toddlers, and babies have been served!

August 2020 Meeting Selection Prevail:

Prevail, Inc provides crisis intervention and restorative support services for adult, adolescent, and child survivors of crime and abuse.  While Prevail works with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, they also serve victims of other crimes, including stalking, robbery, home invasion, and family members of homicide victims, among others.

May 2020 Meeting Selection Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County: 

 Meals on Wheels supports elderly, disabled, and homebound individuals by delivering nutritious meals, reducing hunger, improving health, and promoting independence. 

March 2020 Meeting Selection: Nickel Plate Arts   

-- in 2012, focuses on three areas of cultural growth: -Arts community development by integrating visual and performing arts into downtowns, local parks, and unexpected places -Artist development by supporting more than 1000 professional artists working in the area -Arts awareness by breaking down barriers to the arts for both residents and visitors by taking arts to the people and supporting venues where people can enjoy the arts. They also look for ways to increase small business owners in the events they support. Nickel Plate Arts serves eastern Hamilton County, from Fishers to Atlanta. 

November 2019 Meeting Selection: HAND, Inc. 

--HAND, Inc    addresses the housing needs of low- and moderate-income individuals, families, and senior citizens in Indianapolis’ suburbs. 

August 2019 Meeting Selection: Fishers Youth Assistance Program - Summer Lunch Program

--- Fishers Youth Assistance Program (FYAP)  was formed in 2014 to help strengthen youth and families through community involvement.   The Summer Lunch Program serves between 300 to 500 students who need a source of food during the summer months. FYAP works with partner organizations to identify families who need assistance and volunteers to prepare and deliver meals. In 2017, the program served more than 12,000 meals to 185 children in our community. 

May 2019 Meeting Selection: Find, Ignite, Transform

--- Faith-Inspired Transformation Inc. empowers women who feel broken, defeated, and powerless to heal and strengthen their bodies, transform their minds, and ignite their spirits to live a life of wholeness

February 2019 Meeting Selection: Family Promise

---Family Promise helps families experiencing homelessness and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.

November 2018 Meeting Selection: Redemption Rescue

--Redemption Rescue is a foster-based rescue with a mission to save the forgotten, abandoned, sick, and injured animals while helping our community prevent unwanted litter. Redemption Rescue, Inc.

August 2018 Meeting Selection: Meals on Wheels

--Meals on Wheels supports individuals who are elderly, disabled, and homebound by delivering nutritious meals, reducing hunger, improving health, and promoting independence. 

May 2018 Meeting Selection: Megan S. Ott Foundation

--Megan S. Ott Foundation provides immediate personalized assistance to local recipients fighting the daily battle of breast cancer.

February 2018 Meeting Selection: Prevail Inc. of Hamilton County

--Prevail is dedicated to serving victims of crime and abuse in Hamilton County in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment meant to empower, educate, and strengthen those we serve.

November 2017 Meeting Selection: Shepherd's Center of Hamilton County

Information about Shepherd's Center of Hamilton County can be found at


August 2017 Meeting Selection:  Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development (HAND), Inc.

Info about HAND can be found at and HAND - Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development.

100+ Women Who Care launches in Hamilton County Organization provides financial assistance for non-profits

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