The Basics

  • Each member commits to a $100 quarterly contribution

  • Team memberships are welcome, teams of 2 or more collectively give $100

  • Members can nominate charitable organizations that benefit the Hamilton County area

  • Members attend a 1-hour quarterly meeting where three charities are randomly drawn from all submitted, and one is selected by member votes

  • Each member writes a $100 check directly to the selected charity that evening

It's a simple, but POWERFUL, process.  At each meeting, we have the power to generate a $10,000 (or larger!) donation for one local non-profit!

Membership Obligations & Rights

  • Each member, or member team, commits to attend our quarterly meetings and contribute $100 per meeting ($400 annually)

  • All members must stay current on their contributions to maintain their right to nominate and vote on non-profits, even if they cannot attend a meeting


  • To be considered, non-profits must have 501(c)(3) status and be based in Hamilton County, Indiana

  • Non-profits receiving our donations will agree to refrain from creating, selling, or distributing a list with our members' contact information

Voting Process

  • Members wishing to nominate non-profits will write their name and the name of the non-profit on a ballot and put it into the hat upon arrival at the meeting

  • At the beginning of each meeting, 3 non-profits will be randomly drawn from the hat

  • The 3 nominating members will each make a 5-minute presentation about their non-profit

  • A brief question and answer period will follow the presentations

  • Voting ballots will be distributed and all eligible members in attendance will submit their votes

  • The non-profit receiving the most votes will be awarded the donations collected at that meeting

  • A vote resulting in a tie will be subject to revote between the tied non-profits. A tie during a revote will be decided by choosing one of the tied non-profits at random from the hat

  • Any non-profit not chosen to receive the donations are eligible for nomination at the next meeting. The non-profit that won the vote will not be eligible to be nominated again for a period of two years.

Donation Process

  • Once the selected charity is announced, all members in attendance make an online donation via our giving portal or write a personal check.

  • For members that are not able to attend the meeting, instructions on how to make their donation are sent via email.