Nominating and Presenting a Non Profit

Do you have a favorite local non-profit that you'd like to nominate to receive our donation? Great! Below, you'll find a guideline on making your 5 minute presentation at the meeting...



To nominate a non-profit, write your full name and the name of the non-profit on a slip of paper and drop it in the hat located at the check-in table before the meeting begins. If you'd like to nominate, please be sure to arrive early as the nominations will be closed promptly at 6:30 pm when the meeting begins. In addition, complete a Charitable Organization Fact Sheet.  You can complete this ahead of time and bring it with you or complete at the meeting.  If your charity is selected please turn in the fact sheet to the treasurer.


Three nominations will be chosen from the hat, and those members will each be given five minutes to make a presentation on their chosen non-profit. There will be time for questions after all three presentations have been made.

Presentation Guideline

You have five minutes to give a presentation, so let's make it count!

Give us the facts:​

  • What is the name of the non-profit and where is it located? 

  • When was it founded and what is their history?

  • What is the mission of the non-profit?

  • Who do they serve and how do they do it?

Tell us why this matters to you:

  • What is your involvement or connection with the non-profit?

  • Why does this non-profit matter to you?

  • What are some differences that they make in our community?

Tell us where our money will go:

  • What impact will our donation make for this non-profit?

  • What will our funds be used to support?

Ladies, if you want to nominate a non-profit, make it count and do your homework. Come prepared to educate your fellow members on a non-profit that they may have never heard of before. Know the facts, but also make it personal and tell us how much this non-profit means to you and the community members it helps.